Freeport President Director Appreciates Media Center Facilities in Mimika


TIMIKA (LINTAS PAPUA)  – PT Freeport Indonesia’s top officials, led by President Director Tony Wenas, made an unannounced visit to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) National Sports Week (PON) Papua Media Center of Mimika Cluster, at the Grand Mozza Hotel, Sunday, 3 October afternoon. Tony Wenas visit, who was once a commissioner at PT Riau Pulp & Paper, was carried out after watching a basketball match at GOR Basket, Mimika Sport Complex, Timika City.

His arrival was greeted by the Coordinator of the Kominfo PON Papua Media Center of Mimika Cluster Rinaldi Riyadi and the staff of Mimika Regency Kominfo Office. Rinaldi explained to Tony about the existence of the media center.

According to Rinaldi, this media center is expected to be a place for reporters to get the latest information on the implementation of PON 2021 Papua in the Mimika cluster. The media center has been operating since 23 September and will end with the closing of the PON Papua, 15 October.

“Kominfo fully supports the implementation of the PON 2021 in Papua. We are committed to providing quality and accountable information. This is a forum for fellow reporters to build a positive narrative of the implementation of PON, especially the successful implementation, achievements, and economic empowerment of the surrounding community,” said Rinaldi while accompanying Tony went around looking at the facilities at the media center.

He explained that reporters will not only get the latest information but also can enjoy high-speed internet network facilities, 10 units of sophisticated computers, and a relaxation room. The media are also pampered with snack, lunch and dinner service.

There is also a secretariat room for editorial crew to work, which provides the latest news about PON Papua through a special microsite A number of volunteers were prepared to facilitate the work of journalists. The media center in Mimika also presents the news needed by journalists who are unable to attend in Papua or Mimika Regency to cover the event.

Tony Wenas expressed his gratitude to Kominfo for paying attention to the reporters in the Mimika cluster by preparing a representative place.

“We, from Freeport Indonesia, as one of the main supporters of PON Papua, thank the Ministry of Communication and Informatics for the presence of the media center in Mimika cluster which is managed very well. Please let us know if there are still shortcomings and obstacles so that a solution can be found,” said Tony to Rinaldi.

Freeport Indonesia is a subsidiary of MIND ID, a consortium of state-owned enterprises engaged in the mining sector with PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) as the parent company. Freeport Indonesia is a giant mining company from the United States (US) that opened a mineral mine in Grasberg, Sudirman Mountains area, Tembagapura, Mimika Regency. (infopublik)



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