Indonesia SDG’s Ambassador, Billy Mambrasar, Commends The Sustainability Principles in the Industry Development Plan of Papua Provinces

LINTAS PAPUA - Minggu, 27 Juni 2021 - 12:09 WITA
Indonesia SDG’s Ambassador, Billy Mambrasar, Commends The Sustainability Principles in the Industry Development Plan of Papua Provinces

JAKARTA (LINTAS PAPUA) –  The Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Ambassador, Billy Mambrasar, in his 2 week visits to Papua and Papua Barat Province, works with the both Provinces Local Government, to ratify the SDGs principles and framework in their Regional Action Plan (Rencana Aksi Daerah), in all sectors.

In his visit to Papua Barat Province (16-20 June 2021), accompanied by Governor Dominggus Mandacan, Billy gave the opening remark in the Industry and Trade Department Provincial Coordinative meetings, to adopt the sustainability principles.

Billy reminds the heads of regencies in that Province to always accompany the Industry development plan with the environmental principles, and include the indigenous people’s rights to be part of the strategy.

In Papua Province, Billy conducted a meeting with the Provincial Department of Agriculture, and talk about the inclusion of Indigenous people, especially youth, in the National Millenial Agriculture program. This program will ensure that the sustainability and environmental protection principles will be adopted in the way the youth conduct their agricultural activities.

“I reminded both local governments, that adapting and adopting SDGs principles is for the benefit of them (provincial governments). It is not an additional work, it’s just doing the same activities with different ways, and measuring the impacts of what we have been doing using the sustainability language”, says the founder of Kitong Bisa foundation, a nonprofit in education which serves the underprivilleged children in eastern Indonesia.

Billy also spares his time to visit the Yapen Island, to see the commodity production, such as coffe, cocoa, seaweed, and vanilla and provide insights for the Head of this Regency to connect the products with the International Market.

Billy was appointed by the Minister of National Development Planning to be one of the three SDG’s Ambassador, reporting to the Minister, working to advocate and promote the implementation of the SDGs principles, across Indonesia. Since his appointment, Billy has visited 17 provinces, met with 15 Governors, to help hatching the Regional Action Plan to include the SDG’s.

Billy has also been speaking in hundres of events, both national and international, advocating the SDGs, including speaking about the Plastic Waste issues in Indonesia, and Asia in International Ocean and Maritime Conference in Oslo, Norway, in 2019.

Since November 2020, Billy was appointed by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokow) to be one of the 11 Presidential Special Staffer. In this role, he keeps advocating the principle of “No one left behind” of the SDGs, by providing insights to Jokowi in the development acceleration of the outer provinces of Indonesia. (***)

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