A Prophetic Commentary of the 2020 Election

A Prophetic Commentary of the 2020 Election. (Jeremiah Johnson Ministries)

A Prophetic Commentary of the 2020 Election

By: Jeremiah Johnson

“Have you ever tried to reason with a young child who is throwing an all out temper tantrum because you will not let them have their own way? Like a loving parent, you first exercise patience and try to understand what’s going on inside their heart as they continue to scream. When that does’t work, you then give them options attempting to create an opportunity for them to make a better choice. If they comply, you applaud their efforts with verbal affirmation and instruct them in the ways they are going to behave better next time.

If the young child continues to scream and rage, ignoring your requests, you DO NOT walk away. You do not play the, “mommy and daddy are leaving now” in an attempt to manipulate their emotions and failing to address their rebelious heart. A loving parent intervenes, provides consequences for the temper tantrum, and stays consistent until the will of the young child is in agreement with the Word and heart of God. This will require great sacrifice, patience, and humility on the part of the parent.

With this illustration in mind, I would like to now introduce you to the antifa and BLM movements. I would also like to introduce you to so many other young millenials and generation Z’s who do not claim to be in these movements, however their attitude and actions are very similar.

Have you seen what’s happening lately in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Minneapolis? It’s a generation throwing an all out temper tantrum and demanding that the police (mom and dad) walk out of the room so they can do what they want whenever they want. They will refer to certain times where mom and dad failed (police) as a way to manipulate and get their way. When restraints and order are set in place, they loot, riot, and murder in their anger. They will not stop until they are the parents. If I’m still being unclear, here are some acronyms I created to help get my points across:

B- Burn
L- Loot
M- Murder

A- Angry
N- Never told No
T- Tyrants
I- Independent
F- False Justice
A- Arrogant

Just like a young child might hope their cuteness and cudliness will help them get out of trouble, BLM, antifa, and so many young people today hope that they can control and manipluate you as they play the victim and cry aloud.

They are desperate for grandpa Joe Biden to win the election because then they can really do what they want, whenever they want. They dream of a world where they never have to work and can live off the government. They claim they want peace but will actually attack anyone or anything that challenges their demands and behavior. When put in charge, they will destroy a nation our founding fathers and millions of military and hard working citizens have paid a dear price for.

Donald Trump, Mr. Law and Order himself is the BLM, Antifa, and temper tantrum young generation’s absolute WORST NIGHTMARE. He is the parent who after trying to reason with the young child, will not walk out of the room, and provide consequences for destructive actions. Flawed he definitely is, but a lover of true democracy and freedoms he is more.

On November 3, 2020, America will get to vote for our future. Will we choose a flawed parent (Donald Trump) who despite his shortcomings refuses to let a spoiled generation have their way OR will we vote for grandpa Joe Biden, who is more than ready to give the cute, demanding, violent, and temper tantrum throwing kids whatever kind of America they want?

“Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline will remove it far from him.” Proverbs 22:15

(-Jeremiah Johnson)


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