Symposium Internationalization of Higher Education in Indonesia, Samuel Tabuni : Opportunities, Importance and Challenges

Samuel Tabuni. (ISTIMEWA)

BALI (LINTAS PAPUA)  –  Symposium Internationalization of Higher Education in Indonesia.    (Opportunities, Importance, and Challenges).

Globalization is an unstoppable force that is bringing people from around the world together in increasing frequency. We are connected economically and socially with people whose society is different from ours.

Our advances in knowledge are increasingly brought about through international collaboration. Whilst the current oldest generation has mainly grown up thinking in terms of our local, regional, or national environs.

The youngest generation is growing up in a world that is also more globally focused. The internet has brought the world right on the doorstop of young people.

How do we prepare these youngest for this globalized world? What are we doing in higher education to equip them in such a way that they can become global citizens?

Jika orang Papua ingin menjadi juara Dunia. Kita harus dikenal dan ikut bermain bersama pemain Dunia.

Bali, Saturday 1 December 2018.
(The Spirit of Papua, Samuel Tabuni)


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